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  • Jakob De Coninck

Why Synergy Strength?

The creation of Synergy Strength was to depict, in a simple name, that my approach is not unidimensional; but instead combines and blends multiple areas of health.

My role in my clients life is not just to give them a program, not just to motivate them. My role is to combine education, motivation, coaching, training, support and much more all together. I have strived over the past 5 years to put as many 'arrows in my quiver' so that I can help people reach their goals in every aspect of their life, not just physical training.

I think if you go in trying to change someones life with JUST exercise you are 8 weeks away from disaster.

Our lives are not one dimensional, so how can you change someones life if you only look at training or nutrition? Change needs to be multifaceted in order to succeed.

Just my 2 cents worth

Keep Smiling,


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