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  • Jakob De Coninck

Welcome our Online Tribe!

You are now apart of our Tribe! How incredible is this step towards our goal! We don't want you to have to wait for a phone call from us so we thought we would get you started and going straight away! First things first, we are a community and we love to share with everyone, we do this in our closed Facebook Tribe group! Join us here and Jack or myself will add you in no time!

Secondly, we upload all our workout programs into our app to make it seamless and easy for you to follow! You can beat us to the punch here and download it now and make your free account!

  • Jump on your phone's app store and download "TrainHeroic" (Yellow H on a white background!).

  • Make an account

  • Access Code: "Synergy100"

  • TaDa! You will see your programs on here once we publish them!

Lastly, if you said YES to nutrition, also download MyFitnessPal whilst you are on the app store!

Make yourself a free account as we will use this to track our food! But don't stress about that for know, we will explain how we do this differently to most coaches in our call!

Now sit back and relax as we have taken the first step! Chat soon, The Synergy Boys!

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