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  • Jakob De Coninck

Article Review: The Impact of aerobic work on Muscle Stem Cell response

Article: Joanisse, S., Snijders, T., Nederveen, J. and Parise, G. (2018). The Impact of Aerobic Exercise on the Muscle Stem Cell Response. Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews, 46(3), pp.180-187.

Study Design: Literature Review of 18 articles, both human and mice studies included.

Findings: Whilst there were a mixed results of positive and no change, the majority pushed towards a positive relationship between aerobic work and an increase in satellite cell function enabling better muscle synthesis and recovery.

Limitations: Lack of pure human study without other causative influences (i.e. increase in CSA of muscle fibres).

My Thoughts:

Whilst the study did call on mice and in-vitro studies, there were many human studies which showed a marked improvement in satellite cell function post aerobic training. The main finding was that with endurance training caused an increase in capillaries in the muscle belly and with that allowed for an increase in the satellite cell pool, with this increase there was a heightened ability for muscle fibre synthesis and therefore hypertrophic benefits. This is also especially important for the elderly as atrophy is a large issue with age, with the higher satellite cell pool around the atrophying muscle, it may reduce the rate the muscle deteriorates.

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