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  • Jakob De Coninck

Article Review: Affect of water intake on weight loss

Article: Dennis, E.A., Dengo, A.L., Comber, D.L., Flack, K.D., Savla, J., Davy, K.P. and Davy, B.M., 2010. Water consumption increases weight loss during a hypocaloric diet intervention in middle‐aged and older adults. Obesity, 18(2), pp.300-307.

Design: 48 people were chosen to complete the blind study (They did not know what the goal of the study was) over a 12 week period of a hypocaloric diet (Reduced calories). Half consumed 500ml of water before every main meal (Breakfast, lunch, dinner) and the others were given no instruction.

Findings: They found those who drank 500ml of water prior to each of their meals had a 44% greater weight loss than those who did not. This was hypothesised to be due to the water group consuming less food during their meal times. Although this satiety had no longer lasting effects when tested, they still would consume the same portion sizes if they had water or not. So there were no long term changes in physiology with the extra water consumption on eating.

Limitations: It is a relatively smaller sample size, providing possibly false positives. It was also conducted on already overweight and obese people, meaning it cannot be extrapolated for already healthy weight range population. Lastly, there is currently no standardised laboratory test for water consumption, so it was all via self report and estimated via urine volume.

My thoughts: This shows a very easy way to assist with weight loss and diet. Drinking 500ml before a meal created a reduction in total food eaten at meal times, allowing for a lot less psychological power during a diet to not over eat. This shows a valid method for increasing people's compliance to dieting.

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