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  • Jakob De Coninck

Article Review: Aerobic exercise and Resistance training. Does it have an affect?

Article: Lundberg, T.R., Fernandez-Gonzalo, R., Gustafsson, T. and Tesch, P.A., 2012. Aerobic exercise does not compromise muscle hypertrophy response to short-term resistance training. Journal of applied physiology, 114(1), pp.81-89.

Design: 10 male volunteers with a moderate level of fitness took part in the 5 week study. One leg performed 40mins of single leg cycling (aerobically) and then 6 hours later performed resistance training of knee extension. Whereas the other leg performed only the resistance training and rested during the aerobic training time.

Findings: After 5 weeks they found that the Aerobically trained leg increased in size and volume more than the resistance only trained leg. Whilst they both had an increase in strength and power it was no greater in either training protocol.

Limitations: It is quite a small sample size meaning a false positive could occur.

My Thoughts: This study created some very controversial outcomes. It is long believed that aerobic training down regulated muscle hypertrophy. This study found that with concurrent training, there was actually a greater increase in muscle volume and cross sectional area. Whilst the strength and power increased by the same amount, the hypertrophy was much greater in the aerobically trained leg. This provides good support that aerobic training will not hinder hypertrophic goals. The large health benefits that are associated with aerobic training it is highly recommended people complete at least some aerobic work, however many shy away due to the dogma it will hinder their resistance training, this study disproves this dogma. My recommendation, do your cardio.

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